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Can you name a famous animal from Australia which carries its babies in a pouch and can jump high? If you said Kangaroo you are right! There are several exotic animals from Australia. On lesson B2 we are learning a little about them. We have gathered some more information as well as pictures and videos which could give you a better idea of how they live and what they do. To learn more click on the links below and I hope you have fun reading!

Oral Task

Read about one animal and take notes of some information about them to be presented in class. You should not worry about writing a report becuase you will only have to make an oral presentation.
Remember to mention:

Animal physical description
What it eats
Where it lives (water, ground, what city or part of the country)
Any interesting things you learned


Some say they are lazy. Others don't care and just think they are really cute. What do you know about koalas? Find out what is their favourite food at WIKIPEDIA


I wish I could take a ride in its pouch! Wouldn't it be fun? Do you know how fast a Kangaroo can hop (jump)?


Its name reminds us of a bat and it looks like a rabbit. What is it anyway?
Find out for yourself! Wombat at wikipedia


What an interesting animal!Is it a duck or what?! I don;t know but I'd like to find out.
Clik here for more information!


This funny little thing is more than just a ball of spines! CHECK IT OUT!

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WE hope you have a great school year with us!

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Are you clumsy? Well, Fergie is!

Check out her music video. I just loved it!

RockYou FXText

It is time to see your friends again and meet new ones. I wish you have a great time getting to know each other and I am looking foward to having lots of fun and opportunities to learn together!
Welcome back!

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